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Get 100% sure 2022 jamb cbt question & answer 24hours before your exam day,

Sure 2022 jamb cbt expo

Guaranteed 2022 Jamb cbt runs that will score you above 280

Are you sitting for forth coming 2022 jamb cbt exam we guarantee you above 280 because we are going to send you 100% sure 2022 jamb cbt question and answers a day before your exam day

all answers will be send directly to your mobile phone through sms or directly to your jamb cbt computer you will be given on the day of your exam. How is that possible? Read below

majority of people have the believe there is nothing like jamb cbt expo, jamb cbt runz does not exit, there is no way you can get sure jamb cbt question and answers since it is going to be computer base test so getting the expo wont be possible is that what you are also thinking right now?

Now i want you to know something in life nothing seems impossible. In this case getting you 100% sure 2022 jamb cbt answers a day before your exam day is 100% possible are you still doubting this? okay let me break it down for you to know how possible is it

Methods of Getting 2022 jamb answer.

Here am going to reveal two different methods which you can get 2022 jamb cbt answers to candidate which the categories are JAMB MOBILE And JAMB COMPUTER

What is Jamb Mobile: this is means of sending jamb cbt question and answers to jambite mobile phone a day before exam day through text message in other word you wil recive all the answers directly to your phone through(SMS) or through whatsapp

What’s Jamb Computer: is a means of sending 2022 Jamb cbt Answers ,or Jamb Expo directly to Jambites Computer Database, I.e The transferring of Jambite Answers Into Their Database with this you wont need stress yourself all the questions will have be automatically answered for you once you logged in with your jamb registration number i.e all what the student need is just to go to the exam center and login then submit since all the question will already be answered

1. How will you know the question I will be given and answers?

All the questions and answers that will be sent to you will be gotten through your jamb registration number because Jamb Program all student question and answers with their jamb registration number which makes each student to have different jamb registration number

2. How are My Going to Be Sure Of your Answers?

This year cbt expo is very sure and 100% guaranteed because Cbt of last year was just of just of three (3) type

type A ( Candidate which will have registration number starting with 20

example ( 20585467FH )

type B ( Candidate which will have registration number starting with 22

example ( 22345738GI )

type C ( Candidate which will have registration number starting with 21

example ( 21965104FJ )

so it makes it very possible for us to get the exact question and answer of each candidate and to be forward to the student day before the exam day

In conclusion Your question and answer is programmed on jamb data base with your jamb reg no each student has different Registration no in this case they will answer different question so after your payment you are to send us your Jamb Reg No. that will be use to fetch your exalt questions and answers for you”


1st Section, Will Start Their Own 2022-Jamb- Cbt Exam By 8am

2nd Section, Will Start Their Own 2022-Jamb- Cbt Exam By 11am

3rd Section, Will Start Their Own 2022-Jamb- Cbt Exam By 1:30pm

So Sending you answers is very possible because all the answers will be sent to you a day before your exam day

4. How do you send your answers:,

if you choose jamb computer which is 10,500 for 4 subjects answers will be send directly to your jamb computer database but Jamb Mobile which is 5500 for 4 subjects The answers are sent with Correct option instead of A, B, C, D we send the correct option for example:

What Gender is Ada?

A. Male,

B. Female,

C. None

We send You female instead of B as that may be different option all Through.

This applies to all your Questions.

5. Which score am I likely to get if I subscribe for this package

If you subscribe to our 2022 jamb CBT answers you will score above 280 we are very sure of that

for you to be rest assured that we are not here to scam you or do you 419 here are some evidence of those we help this past 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 jamb cbt exam

This is one of 2020 Candidate Result who Score   334

This is one of 2020 Candidate Result who Score   294

This is one of Candidate Result who Score   307

This is our another Candidate Result who Score 270

This is our another Candidate Result who Score 264

We also know this is your future so its never possible we play with your future we are here to help we will never fail you and below are the list of subjects we can help in


  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Biology
  4. Physics
  5. Chemistry
  6. Economics
  7. Geography
  8. Agric
  9. CRK
  10. Literature
  11. Government
  12. Account
  13. Commerce
  14. Hausa/Yoruba/Igbo

Jamb Mobile Subscription Price List:
4 Subjects >>>> N5,500
3 Subjects >>>> N4,500
2 Subjects >>>> N4,000
Per Subject >>>> N2,000

Jamb Direct to Computer Subscription Price List:
4 Subjects >>>> N10,500
Per Subject >>>> N3,000


To subscribe follow the procedures below:
» Pay the Required amount into Any of Our Bank Details below & Follow the Remaining Instructions

Account Number: 3083936118
Account Name: Ibrahim Yekeen Olamilekan


Account Number: 0697252201
Account Name: Ibrahim Yekeen Olamilekan


Send the following to 08178807024 :
(i) Depositor’s name
(ii)Amount Paid
(iii) Phone number

So after you register for jamb your OTHER INFORMATIONS SUCH AS REGISTRATION NUMBER, Your Subjects AND EXAM DATE Should Also be send to us immediately you register for jamb  because jamb registration is already going on

If you havn’t register for jamb just send us your name and your phone number we will send you confirmation text message for payment
Note: Your Confirmation Text Will be Sent to Your Phone Midnight on the Day of Your Payment.
You have seen them with your eyes,you can see that we are not joking with your future here, So if you really want to score above 280 subscribe now and be among testifiers.


Que: If I pay this amount now. Will it be too early?
Ans: NO. It is a Good One on your side because in few negotiations with our source, Our Payment would be Increased Soon. So, Late Payment attracts additional Money.

Que: If I pay this Amount. Will I pay any additional fee?
Ans: NO. But if it warrants so. Late Payees will bear the Cause

Que: How quick will we get the assistance?
Ans: Our Source has never failed us. We will deliver the Assistance at the stipulated time above for each package

Que: Is the CBT Package for all Subjects?
Ans: NO. Just for Four Subjects.

Que: How am I Sure this is not a Scam?
Ans: NO. That is why we Prepared proofs to how we delivered assistance for 2020 and 2021 exam.

Que: When will Subscription Close?
Ans: Subscription Closes February 20th, 2022. Anyone paying thereafter will pay additional fee of N3000.

You should be aware that there are millions of Scammers Out there who are only ready to dupe you and offer no assistance. If you are reading this, Count yourself lucky because even without reading, 280 & above is guaranteed. SureExpo Jamb assistance Programme is reliable & trusted.

Various Numbers of Candidates  Scored 280+ in the Past UTME Exam and are now in their Various Institution, We can make you Sleep with your Two eyes close and put that Smile on your Face by Assisting you to Achieve your Admission Goals easily and 100% Guarantee.


 For Further Enquiries, Problems, suggestion, Information, Advice or Questions. Please contact: 08178807024

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