See Gobe!! Media Exposed How Abba Kyari Flew To Dubai To Spend Nice Time With Hushpuppi

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Nigerian Police Chief Abba Kyari left his official duties in Nigeria and flew to Dubai to enjoy an incredible lifestyle with the famous internet scammer Ramon `Hushpuppi` Abbas.

The September 2019 trip was just one episode of the mutually beneficial intimacy between Kyari and Abbas, as part of the ongoing prosecution of Mr. Abbas by US authorities for multi-million dollar internet fraud.

Court documents found that Mr. Abbas pleaded guilty this week after his legal representative successfully negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors in central California.

In the coming weeks, he will face up to 20 years in prison. Court documents indicated that it will also confiscate some of the looting caused by years of online fraud and pay compensation to some of its victims.
After Mr. Abbas pleaded guilty, other documents were revealed showing how Mr. Kyari was prosecuted as a member of Mr. Abbas’s union.

Naijaloaded previously published how Mr. Abbas bribed Mr. Kyari to arrest one of his gang members and put him in jail, likely due to a dispute over his criminal earnings. Other details in indictment file
include how Mr. Kyari quit his job as a police officer and went to Dubai to spend quality time with Mr. Abbas, who lives in the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, Versace. Palace.

The undisclosed FBI indictment stated that Mr. Abbas “sent a car and driver to drive on that trip” and Mr. Carey was walking.

Also during the trip, Mr. Kyari bragged to Mr. Abbas about some of his alleged anti-criminal activities in Nigeria. Mr. Abbas responded by showing loyalty to the chief of police.

“I am very happy to be your son,” Mr. Abbas told Mr. Kyari in the intercepted message. “Sir, I promise you will be a good boy.”

The US Department of Justice also mentioned Mr. Kyari in a document. He executed Hushpuppi’s order to arrest and imprison co-conspirator Kelly Chibzo Vinson in a fraud scheme Kelly Chibuzo Vincent (Kelly Chibuzo Vincent), who had previously disagreed with the $ 1.1 million hoax of a Qatari businessman.

Mr. Kyari is popular as a stern and upright policeman. It fights violent crimes in Nigeria, including kidnapping and armed bandit, despite warnings and accusations that its methods are barbaric and corrupt. PG
This country is Navao.

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