“We don’t know” Buhari’s tweet was deleted by Twitter-FG Deny

The Nigerian government said it was unaware that  the controversial tweet tweeted by President Mohammadu Buhari last month was removed by the Microblogging site (Twitter).


In a counter-testimony presented before the Lagos Chamber of the Federal Superior Court, the Federal Attorney General and the Federal Government stated that they were not aware of the tweet against the lawsuit of the human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong.

The first defendants to join the lawsuit are AGF, the Minister of Information, and the federal government.

“The first and third interviewees were unaware of the Twitter investigation and found that they violated Twitter’s rules, and Twitter considered it inappropriate to notify the third interviewee of this situation,” reads the counter-testimony that was revoked. Presented by Ilop Lawrence, Litigant for the Federal Ministry of Justice, on behalf of AGF and FG.

Following the severe insecurity in the southeastern part of the country, the president responded via Twitter that
“Many people who misbehaved today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of life that occurred during the Nigerian civil war. Those of us who have worked on the battlefield for 30 months and have experienced war, we will treat them in a language they understand.
Two days after Buhari’s post was deleted on Twitter, the Nigerian government announced that it had banned the Weibo website on the grounds that it was suspected of inciting rebellion in the country.

“Twitter’s mission in Nigeria is very, very suspicious,” Minister of Information Lai Muhammad Said in a statement:
“Has Twitter deleted the violent tweets sent by Nnamdi Kanu? Have it? The same Twitter that funded ENDSARS protesters during the ENDSARS protest was the first to close the account of former US President Trump.

The Nigerian government argued in its counterclaim to the court that

“Twitter has become the platform of choice for promoters of private separatism, and he has continuously used the platform to instruct his allegiance to kill Nigerian soldiers and police, destroy buildings and destroy all symbols of Nigeria. Sovereignty. The ”

” defendant tried to persuade Twitter to deny that every attempt by its platform to the separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu was not taken seriously. “


The government also stated that the violence that broke out last year #EndSARS protests were initiated by Twitter And its founder Jack Dorsey.

respondents insisted that despite Twitter’s ban, Nigerians continue to use the site every day.

They added that they will not continue to suspend the use of the Weibo website in Nigerian cyberspace once Twitter is able and complies with Nigerian laws, among other things, it must be registered with the Nigerian Broadcasting and Corporate Affairs Commission. Committee.

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